Aluminium Long Nacklace - Gold

Long necklace with large accessory parts combining metal hoops and aluminum parts.

Black aluminium parts embodied in gold chain will gorgeously decorates your chest area with just this necklace alone.

With 100cm long chain, you can wear it casually with T-shirts or collar shirts (no connecting parts attached, so just wear it through from your head)

The long chain is hard to tangled and cut, but still remains not too thick and rather fine.

Aluminum parts are matte finished with 'alumite surface finish', in a difficult colour shades to achieve and produce by other materials, thanks to Tokyo's craftsmen technique.

Two colours available, gold and silver.

The last picture shows (but in silver chain) and recommend to wear together with another long necklace of the same aluminum series with larger accessory parts.

¥ 8,590($79.89)

*Payments will be payed in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign current is a rough estimate.

*Tax included.

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