Wave Pattern Aluminium Clip-on Earrings - Rhombus

Diamond-shaped (rhombus) clip-on earrings made of aluminum which is rare materials to be used for accessories.

Wavy surface is beautifully cut, and it is very light-weight despite its big size thanks to the aluminium.

The unique matte finish is achieved by 'alumite processing' thanks to the high quality of Tokyo's craftsmen's techniques.

Two colours are available; bright gold and deep matte black (close to the colour of camera parts).

Titanium posts and 18k gold nickel-free plated catch are a good option for sensitive skin.

Clip-on parts are spring-type which merely causes pain on earlobes.

Materials: Aluminium + titanium posts + 18k gold plated catch
Size: 4x2.4cm

¥ 11,990($112.71)

*Payments will be payed in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign current is a rough estimate.

*Tax included.

Additional shipping charges may apply, See detail..

About shipping fees

The shipping fee for this item varies by the shipping method.
  • International Mail

    Shipping Fees are the same all over country wide 500JPY

Shipping fees for purchases over 5,000JPY($47.00) will be free.

*Payment will be in Japanese Yen (JPY) and the estimated price in foreign currency is indicated.

*Free shipping for purchase over 5,000JPY, otherwise 500JPY will be applied per shipment worldwide.

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